Job Opportunity at KLA Industries

Posted on Jan 9

http://www.klaindustries.com    513-939-3560

Location: Largo, FL
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4146308

(Note we are hiring for both our Cincinnati OH and Largo FL offices)

Recruiting is a career that, perhaps more than any other, can allow you to:
  • Have control over your life, your career, your earnings, and your future
  • Be the very best in the world at something
  • Make a real difference in the lives of many people and also to our client companies

If you’ve had experience and success in any of the following, and enjoyed it (at least most of the time), your background could be a good fit for the type of recruiting we do:
  • financial services or insurance sales
  • advertising sales
  • medical or pharmaceutical sales
  • car sales
  • retail sales
  • restaurant sales
  • telemarketing sales
  • door to door sales
We are the largest and most recognized Recruiting company in the US in our industry, and most of our clients make highly engineered products for aerospace, packaging, automotive, medical, construction, and many other markets.
Not your typical sales job, this is an entry-level opportunity to learn from the best consultants in the industry.  You will be part of a team that helps high level professionals make major career decisions and companies find key members of their organizations.  While this is definitely not telemarketing, this position does require the ability to spend several hours on the phone each day networking with industry professionals and leaders of major corporations. 
This is a highly profitable business for those with a genuine interest in becoming an industry expert and learning the art of recruiting.  You will learn how to identify candidates with exceptional technical skills who could provide value to our clients, how to negotiate salaries for six figure professionals and how to develop business in a competitive environment.
If you do keep your eyes open for better opportunities, and the above description piqued your interest, here is why you should consider  KLA Industries:
  • Market Position – We are the largest plastics-only recruiting firm in the US. Google ‘plastics recruiters’ and you’ll see we come up first in the non-paid results
  • Vision – Although 2014 was our best year ever (up about 45%), and 2015 will be up around 50% over that, we are not content to remain where we are. Our 5-year plan will make us one of the largest privately-owned recruiting firms in the US
  • A Career Track – This is not just a job, it is a career with unlimited potential for growth
  • Training – the best in our industry. We give you the mentoring and support you need to be successful
  • Technology – We have a state of the art database and processes, and are constantly developing new tools; in fact we’re sort of change junkies
  • Clients – They include the most innovative and fastest growing companies in the world
  • A work-hard, play-hard atmosphere where we insist on having fun. We have a picnic every summer, a Christmas lunch that has become legendary, and  contests during the year where you might win a vacation or a big-screen TV. In the fall we go as a team to the freestore foodbank, and believe strongly in giving back
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